Low-carbon save paper
Interactive experience
System revolution release labor
Security stable
Easy to use save time

Nowadays, Hotel industry is under an un-precedent digital change: "Connection, Interaction, Quality". The leading hotel groups have recognize that they can only maximize profit by improve quality of service, increase efficiency and more importantly, exceed guest’s expectations.

Shiji Kunlun E-Signature System (ES) assists hotel to improve service and check in efficiency. Guest can now signs on the touch screen with sensitive pressure technology rather than signs on paper traditionally. Signature will be encrypted and kept in back office system by hotel server for privacy.

Using paperless E-signature system not only accelerates the digitization of hotel industry, but also fulfill the obligation of modern hotels and guest's expectation for environment protection.

Easy to use
The work flow for check in and check out will not changed. Only signature on paper is now replace by E-Signature. Guest is able to sign RC and Folio on the extend touch screen.
Front desk can quickly display RC and Folio for guest to sign.

All the RC and Folio with guest’s signature will be saved in PDF format to back office system and they are not amendable and downloadable..

Interactive Experience
Front office staff display the commercials for guest while waiting.
For instance, when the screen is idle, staff can display introductions and promotions for hotel facilities. Guest can watch the screen while waiting for check in. Front desk can switch the RC or Folio to the screen for guest to sign when needed. Zoom in and zoom out button is provided on the screen for guest to review easily.

Mobile check in

E-Signature system is guest-oriented, which is able to work as wireless front desk. Guest can check in anywhere with WiFi signal, such as front desk, souvenir shop, restaurant, VIP lounge/room, airport and those area not suitable for check in traditionally.

Environment friendly

Save cost - Hotel industry has entered the paperless information age, E-Signature system helps hotel to reduce the cost on printing significantly.

Secure and Stable
All documents with signature will be encrypted and kept in server only. User log will be saved in server

Our Clients
E-Signature system (ES) has earn a lot of good reputation from hotel to hotel since it has been developed and installed from 2011. Now it has been adopted by Shangri-la Hotel Group, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Starwood Hotel Group, Millennium Hotel Group, Langham Hotel Group, Wanda Hotels Group, Kaiyuan Hotel Group, BTG Hotel Group, Lingnan Hotel Group, GSHM Hotel Group and other large hotel groups. ES is favored by hoteliers both from China Mainland and from overseas well-known hotels.
Users of ES have spread over Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey and Hong Kong, Taiwan Area.


Front office mode
Front office computer will connect with an LCD digital screen which will be served as extend screen for guest to confirm and sign for RC, Folio, currency exchange receipt or other documents generated by OPERA PMS. Front office staff just need to press one button to present documents on the screen for the guest.

VIP Mode
Hotel staff is able to operate system on PAD for VIP to confirm documents in the limousine or taking a rest in lounge. VIP can enjoy their time comfortably instead of waiting in the front desk.

Multiple application scenarios
E-Signature is absolutely guest-oriented which is helping hotel to improve guest interactive experience by giving opportunity for guest to check in anywhere, such as front desk, souvenir shop, restaurant, VIP lounge/room, airport and those area not suitable for check in traditionally.


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