* No more line up
* Deduct quantity of inclusive breakfast by room card

* Electronic data, efficient management
Statistic analysis report

Smart Breakfast Control Function:
Synchrony:Get room package information from PMS
Prompt:If the room including the breakfast, it will direct subtract the breakfast when swipe the room key. If not, the system will have a prompt.
Deduction &Rebate:If the room package is including the breakfast, but we did a wrong deduction. We could do rebate in the breakfast control system.
Report:Report for total package breakfast, used breakfast, unused breakfast and so on.

Smart Breakfast Control Work Flow:
1. Guest come to the restaurant for breakfast, swipe the room key and system will prompt room including breakfast or not.
2. If the room including one breakfast, system will subtract one breakfast.
3. If the room including two breakfast, when the second guest in the room come for breakfast, the system will subtract another breakfast.
4. If the guest room did not including breakfast, the system will prompt not including breakfast. Then the restaurant staff could use POS doing normal billing for guest.
5. If the guest is not in-house guest, restaurant staff could use POS doing normal billing.
6. After breakfast time, system could have report for today’s total breakfast and used breakfast and so on.

Attention—— Precondition
PMS: Opera,Sinfonia ,Fiedlio v7.14 or over versions
When guest Check In, need room key system write the room number to the room key (None encipherment)free section.
Why “No encipherment section”:If room number save into the eccipherment section, restaurant card reader machine could not read the room number.
Why “Free section”:Room Key system already use part of section, room number must be written into the section which is not be using by room key system.
This requirement need communicate with hotel room key system supplier first. If the supplier could not fulfill the requirement, there are two more backup alternative solution.

Backup Alternative Solution
1. Extra card writer machine contact with front desk PC. After finish making a room key, using the card write machine write the room number into the room key free section.
2. Make an only special number on each room key. when guest check in, add the only special number into the PMS Notes. When guest go to restaurant for breakfast, system contact room package information by the only special number.

Hardware Requirement
Breakfast control system server
Restaurant PC
Card Writer/Card Reader machine


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