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Kunlun Smart Identify system

Why need Identify system:
Police need guest information when guest check in/out for check and control any possibility.
Hotel need guest information to establish a guest history for high quality service.

We need Kunlun Smart Identify (KSI):
Kunlun Smart Indentify (KSI), as a part of Shiji IP Hotel Solution, It provides an easy and simple procedure for capturing guest data and image information. and by automatically transmitting to PSB & Hotel PMS , It will avoids guest's long time waiting. KSI simplifies the guest's certificate transmit procedure for PSB and PMS together by one step scanning in the mean time.

Function Features :
Auto-transmit guest's information from certificate to opera profile;
Auto-transmit guest's information to PSB;
Auto-transmit guest's stay information, such as room change, Check-out , Extend Stay etc, to PSB automatically
Screen customizable according to fields scanned from certificates

Operation Flow:
Guest arrives at hotel & show his/her certificate
KSI reads personal information by scanning certificate
KSI transmits guest information to PSB automatically.
KSI transmits guest information to Opera Profile.
Guest stay information, e.g. room change, check out before the due date, extend stay will be transmitted to PSB automatically.

KSI Advantages:
Hotel PMS integration
Compatible for all versions of Opera/Fidelio PMS, avoid manual input.
Ensure accurate of guest’s information.
Convenient for FO operation, easy for training and learning.
PSB System Interface Transmission
Transmit guest’s scanned certificate profile to PSB automatically
Transmit guest’s stay information.
Avoid double input for guest’s certificate data.

Flexible Set up:
Compatible for customized screen of PMS
Compatible for conversion of local PSB data
Convert Chinese name to Pinyin and transmit to PMS
Identity different types of certificate information

How does KSI indentify certificates:
Chip Card: KSI captures the certificate data by reading the chip of the second generation ID card. KSI can ensure the data accuracy and improve the certificate capturing speed.
Certificate Bar Code Scan: Standard passport can be scanned by the bar code to capture certificate data. Information captured by scanning bar code can be read according to global standard automatically.
Image Scan: Use for First generation ID card and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents. It is used extensively for different kinds of certificate for guests.

OS/Hardware Requirements:
Windows 2003
ID Scanner devices
Server or Well Configured PC


KSI Districts have implemented:

KSI Involving District:

Shanghai(The Whole City), Chongqing(The Whole City), Shanxi(The Whole Province), Sinkiang(The Whole District), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (The Whole District), Sichuan(The Whole Province), Guizhou(The Whole Province),Heilongjiang(The Whole Province), Qinghai(The Whole Province), Ningxia(The Whole District), Zhejiang(The Whole Province), Guangdong(The Whole Province), Fujian(The Whole Province),
Hubei(Wuhan/Xiaogan/Suizhou/Tianmen/Xiantao/Enshi/Xianning/Jianghan Oil Field/Huanggang/Jingzhou),
Xizang(Shigatse), Hainan(Haikou), Yunnan (Xishuangbanna/Kunmin), Hunan(Changsha/Changde)

Remark: District report is provided by PSB suppliers from each district, the district where have never implemented need to confirm case by case, please inquiry by call or email .

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