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Officially opening of E-signature for HotelJen (Shangri-la group)

15th Sep 2014, the first HotelJen under Shangri-la hotels group officially opened in Orchardgateway Singapore. HotelJen’s brand inspiration stems from a virtual character “Jen”: “Jen” is a professional hoteliers love life, travel, explore and discovery. She provides guests with efficient and considerate services, at the same time, also let them experience the best play of a city.”

HotelJen’s accommodation experience focus on ease and simplicity without any pressure that embody through check in an check out, constant interaction easily and friendly. Every guest is “Jen”’s friend, hotel staff will let guests find a sense of belonging anywhere, anytime by their attentive service of consideration, respect and eagerness.

HotelJen adopt E-signature system of Beijing Shiji Kunlun Software Co., Ltd. Shiji Kunlun, we equip hotel with products that check in breezily and interactively, the hardware adopt rotating screen Surface, when the guest arrive hotel can experience special service of Jen.

Front desk visit Opera by Surface and prepare E-RC for guest.
Rotate screen and keyboard of Surface to tablet, invite guest to read E-RC on the screen.

Guest sign in the screen with pen and confirm, RC with guest’s signature will be saved to back system.
Check in is done in relaxed service atmosphere, get the hotel operator’s appreciation.

E-Signature system also brings another amazing people-oriented service for hotel. Jen’s service staff will accompany with guest to the room and do in-room check in, also can rest and check in in rest zone and coffee shop, provides more convenient and intimate service.

HotelJen adopt E-signature system to avoid handling large of paper, and the save and query of E-file is quite easy, it’s the best way to reduce hotel resource and environmental protection.

E-signature system is officially used when the first HotelJen open, become one of the many domestic and abroad hotels that using this system under Shangri-la hotels group

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